Hi, my name is Kaili

Waddell Kaili

Posted on May 26 2020

Hi, my name is Kaili

Hi, my name is Kaili & I am the mama behind the shop (waves awkardly). The idea for "Gray Haus" came from my daughter Everly Gray who was born in April of 2018. I wanted a diaper bag that was still stylish since this meant giving up all my gorgeous handbags for awhile...and of course functional but everything I was finding in traditonal brick and morter stores was either extremely overpriced, hideous(sorry but its true), or not at all practical. Now fast forward to Spring of 2020 - After being stuck at home in the middle of a world wide pandemic "Gray Haus" was created and "The Everly" bag was born. I hope you find this bag as perfect as I do!

Xox Kaili

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